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Best Text message Encryption and Text Decryption online tool.

Encrypt your text message with your password and make safe text message.

Text Message Encryption Tool

Type any key (password) for text encryption.

Enter the text you want to encrypt.

Your Encrypted Text

Text Message Decryption Tool

Type key (password) for text decode.

Enter Encrypted Text

Your decrypted text

What's new in text encryption : Here,In the text encryption tool you can create encrypt text with your encrypt key for a strong encrypted text message.

What is text message encryption?

Convert your text messages into a text format that no one can read, this type of format is called encryption. Each messaging app can have different text message encryption

How does text encryption work?

Encryption in text is made from the encrypt key you provided. It is considered a strong encryption because it encrypted text is will not decrypted without your provided encrypt key.

Why you need text encryption ?

Some secret messages, notes,talks that we need to keep secret from other people,In this case, it can be proven a big mistake for us to assume that social media is completely secure. In today's world, no social media messaging app is fully secure, even WhatsApp also collects the data of your message, WhatsApp gives your message data to the government when your government asks to WhatsApp for message data information. That's why we should encrypt the message with our encrypt key.

How to encrypt text messages?

Step 1. Enter encrypt key in above mentioned "Enter any Encrypt key" [ it's your responsibility to remember it because without encrypt key will not be decrypted your message. ]
Step 2. Enter any text in the second text box named "Enter your message." [ Here you enter the message you want to encrypt. ]
Step 3. Click on "Encrypt it" button for encrypted text. [ On clicking "Encrypt it" button, you will get encrypted text in the text box below.]

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