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Put the interest date and interest rate in the interest calculator and calculate interest in just one click.

Desi Interest Calculator

For the Date and interest Calculation you can use this simple method here..if you want know rules click here. Rules know

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Interest Calculator 📒

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Note : Here, you have used the formula of Amount × Interest Rate × period ÷ 100' to get interest from the original amount in 'native interest calculator'. for the days calculation used rule : 30.42×12=365 days.

What is formula of simple interest calculation ?

Simple Interest calculation formula is :
I= PRN÷100 .
The complete explanation of this formula below
I= Interest [ That interest we have to find out ]
P = Price of total money [ The amount borrowed ]
R= Rate of interest [ 1 ,2 ,3 ...]
N= Need of period [ Total duration days, months and years ].

The Explanation of simple calculator

        While calculating interest in Desi interest calculator, keep in mind that interest does not include in leap year. Because if there is leap year in the date calculation, then it will be included automatically. We have taken 30.42 in the interest calculator to get the interest of the day, instead of 30 days in total because 30 × 12 = year days are 360 but there are 365 days in a year so we have used 30.42 × 12 = 365 days.
          Native Interest calculator In "Auto-fill total days" button does not work in some devices, you can turn on TFC mode or fill manual date calculation.
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