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WhatsApp 'Read more'

How to create “Read More” button in WhatsApp text message?

Here , You can create 3 types of WhatsApp "Read more" button.
Enter text then share on WhatsApp it will work with "Read more" tappable prompt.

☆ Select type of “Read More” tappable prompt button in WhatsApp text.

Basic [ blank space ] Hidden [ words ] Small [ hidden ZWJ ]

Enter Intro Message

Enter the message after the "Read More" link !

Preview of your message !

Your message will look like this before clicking the "Read more" button.
After clicking "...Read More" button.

Send on Whatsapp

WhatsApp "Read more" button generator online tools
Here Everyone Can Easily Create WhatsApp "Read More" Button. We Are Providing 3 Types Of WhatsApp "Read More" Button In Our This Online Tools.

What is the use of "Read more" link?

Whatsapp "Read more" link generator is created to make jokes, quiz and facts which shows some text after clicking on "Read more" link.
You can make different jokes to make people laugh.Like .. E.P.
Wow WhatsApp DP is so cute .. Read more

You can also post such jokes on Facebook Instagram Twitter, that is works with "Read More" link.
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What is WhatsApp "Read more" in WhatsApp text message?

WhatsApp text "Read more" is not a link. that's WhatsApp a function of feature.
In WhatsApp, "Read more" isn't a clickable link, it's a built-in feature that lets you know there's more to a message by tapping to expand it.
WhatsApp automatically creates a "Read more" button when type lot of text or emoji in WhatsApp chat.

How to create manual or offline WhatsApp "Read more" button (tappable prompt) in WhatsApp message?

If you type more than 1300 characters in a WhatsApp text message, WhatsApp will automatically add the "Read more" functionality text to WhatsApp Messages chat.
Adding invisible characters: WhatsApp triggers a "Read More" prompt when a message exceeds a certain length. You can exploit this by adding a large number of invisible characters, like zero-width spaces, to push the main content beyond the limit.
Zero-width space: This specific character doesn't occupy any visible space but contributes to the character count.
Use cases: This technique is useful for crafting introductions for various content formats like quizzes, jokes, spoilers, or long messages. The recipient sees a teaser and needs to tap "Read More" to reveal the full content.

Here's how it works: WhatsApp limits the amount of text displayed in a single chat bubble. If a message exceeds this limit, it gets truncated with an ellipsis (...) and the "Read more" prompt. Tapping "Read more" expands the chat bubble to reveal the full message.

This feature helps keep conversations organized and prevents chat bubbles from becoming overwhelming on smaller screens.

Here,example of keyboard invisible hidden letters in the image below.

keyboard invisible button example image.

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