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How many types of whatsapp short link?

Here , You can generate two types of WhatsApp short link!

1. Generate WhatsApp link with the mobile number of the particular contact.
If you generate a link with your WhatsApp number and message, clicking on that link will open your number on the WhatsApp chat and the message you type will automatically fill the message in the text box.

What is benefit of generate WhatsApp link for particular contact ?

If you are a trader,so get customer from Facebook Instagram and Twitter via WhatsApp link, when customer click on you generated WhatsApp link will Filled the auto message in the WhatsApp text box of customer.

2. Message sharing WhatsApp link

How to generate WhatsApp message sharing link?

First of all click on the choose "types of WhatsApp link" button then click on "social media" button then Then the textbox will appear below. enter post sharing messages in that textbox and click generate button to generate WhatsApp message sharing link.

What is benefit of generate WhatsApp message sharing link?

Generate a WhatsApp link with social media Post message and link so that benefit people can share your social media posts on direct WhatsApp.

How to create Whatsapp "Read more" link in whatsapp textbox ?
      Here you can create 3 types of WhatsApp "Read more" link. Online, offline,manual and ...Know more


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