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Here, You can calculate the internet data size measurement and you can know the all formula of data calculate.

Simple explanation for size data measurement.

1 TB= 1024 GB
1 GB= 1024 MB
1 MB= 1024 KB
1 KB= 1024 Bytes
1 Bytes = 8 bit

HTML and JavaScript code solutions for calculating file size.

<input type="file" id="file" onchange="GetSize()" /> <div id="fileSize" > </div> <script type="text/javascript" > function GetSize(){ file=document.getElementById("file").files[0]; writeSize=document.getElementById("fileSize"); var size = file.size; if(size < 1024) { writeSize.innerHTML= size + ' bytes'; } else if(size >= 1024 && size < 1048576) { writeSize.innerHTML=(size/1024).toFixed(1) + ' KB'; } else if(size >= 1048576) { writeSize.innerHTML= (size/1048576).toFixed(1) + ' MB';} } </script>

How to calculate size data Measurement?

First of all choose a measurement for the Convert from like TB ,GB,MB,KB,Bytes and bit then enter measurement value in our 'data measurement calculator' tool and click on the calculate button.

Data Converte all formula

Rules for Convert from Bits to other

No Description Formula
1 Convert from Bits to Bytes Bit*0.125
2 convert from Bits to KB Bit/8/1024
3 convert from Bits to MB Bit/8/1024/1024
4 convert from Bit to GB Bits/8/1024/1024/1024
5 convert from Bits to TB Bit*/8/1024/1024/1024/1024

Rules for Convert from Bytes to other

No Description Formula
1 Convert from Bytes to Bits Bytes*8
2 Convert from Bytes to KB Bytes*0.0009765625
3 Convert from Bytes to MB Bytes/1024/1024
4 convert from Bytes to GB Bytes/1024/1024/1024
5 convert from Bytes to TB Bytes/1024/1024/1024/1024

Rules for Convert from KB to other

No Description Formula
1 Convert from KB to Bit KB*8192
2 convert from KB to Bytes KB*1024
3 convert from KB to MB KB*0.0009765625
4 convert from KB to GB KB/1024/1024
5 convert from KB to TB KB/1024/1024/1024

Rules for Convert from MB to other

No Description Formula
1 Convert from MB to Bit MB*8388608
2 convert from MB to Bytes MB*1048576
3 convert from MB to KB MB*1024
4 convert from MB to GB MB*0.0009765625
5 convert from MB to TB MB/1024/1024

Rules for Convert from GB to other

No Description Formula
1 Convert from GB to Bit GB*8589934592
2 convert from GB to Bites GB*1073741824
3 convert from GB to KB GB*1048576
4 convert from GB to MB GB*1024
5 convert from GB to TB GB/1024

Rules for Convert from TB to other

No Description Formula
1 Convert from TB to Bit TB*8796093022208
2 convert from TB to Bites TB*1024*1024*1024*1024
3 convert from TB to KB TB*1073741824
4 convert from TB to MB TB*1048576
5 convert from TB to GB TB*1024

Full form of the data basic words

Short name Full form
Bit Bits
B Byte
KB Kilobyte
MB Megabyte
GB Gigabyte
TB Terabyte
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