Google has launched new features in the Google app for website users and people searching on Google!

Online tools for websites text content readers.

Enter any website url with http:// or https://

Note : If not working this features then open this in chrome browser.

What new features has Google introduced in the Google App for website text content readers?

Google is launched new features , its list is below.
■ Google launched new browser in google app if you search on Google, search related website will open in the Google app not another browser.[that setting you can trun off and on in google app browser setting.]

New website browser features in google app.

■ You can choose article language translation and voice language translation on websites.
■ Google reads and speaks website text content with your favorite Google Assistant voice.
■ Google app reads website text content in music player. You can also play web text content in the background and lockscreen.
■ Voice playback speed controller, you can play website text content in a music player and you can also do speed slow and fast.
■ In the 'Read aloud voice' feature When word is spoken, that word is automatically select.
■ You can choose article translate language of 'Read aloud voice' feature.
■ You can also add website page in google favorites page just one click.
■ Some normal features like share website url and "url open in chrome browser" .

Google browser reading the website text content and play text to speech in music player with language translation. like image below
Google new feature website text content reader

When a website URL opens through Google app, then the above mentioned features will be added automatically.
Google is introducing the new features to alleviate the problem of many people who get bored of reading long stories or long articles on the website. It is currently being tested in beta version.

How to use google website online tools?

Here, you can use this feature right now, for this you first update the Google beta version from Google Play store, then copy any website URL that you will want to read with voice language translation and features mentioned above then paste the url in above textbox and click on "Use the Google websites tools" button.

The Google beta version has this feature for a limited user right now but everyone can use it in the future.

If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know in the comment section below.

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