Why is it important to test petrol and diesel?

petrol testing

Most petrol pump owners do not sell pure petrol for their profits, due to this mixed petrol affects the kinetic energy of the vehicle and reduces the vehicle mileage and the strength of the engine decreases. after a few months, as a result the vehicle's engine is possibilities to fail completely.

Therefore, we should be vigilant and often check the quality, quantity and density of petrol or fill petrol from reliable petrol pumps. If there is adulteration in petrol, report the adulterated petrol to the petrol pump manager or complain on the official website of the petrol pump company.

It is your right to test the quality, quantity and density of petrol.

petrol-diesel testing How to measure the quality of petrol?
how to check petrol quality?

There are three ways to test petrol and diesel. 1. quality 2.density 3. quantity.

Let us understand...

                        first you just take a white filter paper, now you have to put two drops of petrol on it. Clean the mouth of the delivery nozzle. Put two drops of petrol on the filter paper from the nozzle.

petrol density testing
                  Petrol will fly from the filter paper in two minutes. If dry stains remain dark, then understand that petrol is adulterated.You do not need to buy filter paper you can ask for it from the petrol pump operator. The Federation of MP Petrol-Dealers Association Voice President said that many people add solvent to petrol, so that the petrol does not leave a stain despite being adulterated.In this case, you can check the purity of petrol from density kit.Every petrol pump has a density kit.

Watch video for petrol diesel Testing and know more trick & tips! Watch this video of fuel testing !

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